Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Question Of Honour

昨晩、私は慣れない物作りに熱中していると、luly Lulu嬢、Tonkotsu Nicoさん、Pique Flanさんがスタジアムに来訪。
突如、懐かしのサッカー場を取り出し、W杯 in SL が開かれました。

Good evening.
Miss luly Lulu, Mr. Tonkotsu Nico, and Mr. Pique Flan visited the stadium when I'm enthusing about the thing making that doesn't become accustomed last night.
Suddenly, the soccer stadium was taken out, and the World Cup was held for SL.


A certain person has taken the shape though there are 2 balls.
There is only one person who does such an interesting thing. :)

Goaaaaaaaal !
As for avatar, Timy is recommended because of compatibility that kicks the ball.
Tiny is so good.
え? 私? ずっとluly嬢と一緒にチアガールやってました…(オイッ!

ohhh...It's pleasant to throw the sweat.
Feelings cleared up.
What? me? It's for a long time with Miss luly as for the cheerleader. "hey!"
There are each role and an allotment …and it is SecondLife.

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