Sunday, October 08, 2006

Crafters CUP Vol.1

Good evening.
現在、CLUB ASUKAでは半年をかけて競うCrafters Cupが開かれています。



Good evening.
Crafters Cup that competes putting half a year in CLUB ASUKA opened now.
The rule is as follows.

・The work is produced in the theme announced once every one and a
half months.
・After the period of the exhibition of one week, the point is acquired by the vote form.
・The total score for the half year of five all rally competes.

The 1st theme is here.
Club Asuka
So, it dresses up fashionable, and a gracefully hat so.

そして、輝ける第一位はAretha Russ嬢です。
And, the first place that shiny is Miss Aretha Russ.

If avatar absorbed of her is seen, it is possible to visit extraordinary as
understood confidence.

It seems to be a hat that treats cherry blossoms by using a metallic
texture and the curved surface well.
Hmmm and a smooth curved surface that attracts attention points.
ありがとうございました。 (^^

Wow, she seems to start SecondLife and to be one month.
No hold a candle to to play than I who is walking.
And,it distributed gladly and her hat was distributed free of charge by the person who had attended the ceremony.
Of course, I also got it.
Thank you. :)
It's as follows since next mark.

2nd Miss Asuka Neely

3rd Mr. Love Utu

4th Miss LilKim Lovell

Then, 1st Aretha say...
Aretha Russ:

"I came to be able finally to do by starting playing a game in one month while finally learning the method of the thing making. I am surprised to be chosen such a prize suddenly. Are thanks to everybody it, and thank you. "


The next theme is shoes.
You thought good at their participate.
You enjoys it because comes, sees, and makes ...and it is SecondLife.

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