Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As You Like It


それを簡単に可能にしてくれるのが"Animation Overrider"です。
私はHUDを使って、簡単にAOを操作できるアイテムを"Outrider Animations"で見つけました。

・When chatting, the standing appearance is natural !
・I want to walk gracefully in avatar !
・When sitting, I want to use favorite animation !

That is, will you have thought that it wants you to use them for avatar by the autotomatic operation though it has favorite animation?
It is "Animation Overrider" to enable it easily.
These are the one that is called alias AO.
I found the item that was able to operate AO easily by using HUD by "Outrider Animations".

It is necessary to prepare for myself or to buy animation though HUD is free as understood from the above-mentioned.
We will recommend first trying by my animation on hand though you may buy here.

Its so easy.
Obtained ZHAO is grounded, and please drag from the inventory, and send in my favorite animation there.
And, please write the animation name in a pertinent item of the file written Empty.
HUD appears to the lower right of the screen when set ZHAO is acquired and let me read the Empty file pushing the loading button, please wait moment.
Attention ,it is HUD enclosing it in red.
For example,I set "Standing" mode.どうでしょうか?
続いて、SittingやSitting on Groundを変化させてみました。

How about?
Is the appearance into which animation changes one after another understood only from standing without my be operating anything?
When not the geostationary animation but dynamic animation is selected, it becomes more natural feeling.
Sitting and Sitting on Ground have been continuously changed. 右クリック後にSitを選択するだけで通常とは異なるものになりました。


It became the one different from usually only because Sit was selected after right clicked.
For example..walks, fly, jumps, swim, animation matched to the situation etc by automatic.
I wish to express my gratitude for those who produce by the free distribution of such wonderful HUD.

It uses thus for HUD, and the object is not necessarily the one for the decoration. Is not it made to feel that SecondLife that can make even the interface is wonderful?

As You Like It and it is SecondLife.

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